Stretch goal #2 achieved: Unlocked additional sizes

wool + suede - 35,000 stretch goal achieved

Less than halfway through the campaign and we’ve already reached our second stretch goal! Exclusive Kickstarter sizes 6.5, 7 and 10 are now unlocked. Thanks to your support, even more people will be able to enjoy wool + suede gloves this winter.

The inspiration for this stretch goal came from you, our customers. We heard time and again that a wider range of sizes was needed. We appreciate your feedback and believe the customer knows best. We also believe in honoring our supporters, and some of our biggest supporters have been women. In fact, women make up more than half of the wool + suede team! Our hope is that by offering these Kickstarter exclusive sizes, people of all sizes and all genders can get in on the wool + suede warmth.

wool + suede - stretch goals

With this goal down, we’re on to our next one. Stretch goal #3 is set for $50,000, where we’ll be able to unlock reduced shipping rates. Shipping to Canada and the United States will be reduced by $5 CAD, and international shipping will be reduced by $10 CAD. These great savings will apply to all backers - whether you were one of our first, or one of our most recent backers. If you’ve already backed us and want to access these discounts, share our project with all the people you know looking to stay warm + stylish.

As always, thank you so much for your support and feedback. Feel free to contact us anytime at, on our Facebook Page or on Instagram. You inspire us!

Stay warm + stylish,

Josh + Nik