Stretch goal #1 achieved! Chocolate brown is unlocked!

wool + suede 20,000 stretch goal achieved

The virtual fireworks have been going off non-stop between Edmonton, Montréal, and around the globe since Wednesday afternoon. For the past three days, we've been calling, texting, and emailing everyone we know and some new friends, too. There’s no sign of us slowing down!


Behind the scenes, the whole team has been in touch around the clock to make sure the campaign continues to blossom. It still doesn't feel real, but we're already looking to the future and gearing up the campaign to hit the global market.


It's incredibly humbling that our idea for warm + stylish gloves is being supported by you. There are so many people, communities, and experiences that inspired us to have the audacity to make wool + suede a reality. Stay tuned for more on how we came to create wool + suede and the value we aim to bring to the world.


As always, we'd love to hear any comments, questions, and feedback from you about our product and campaign. We exist because of you and we will continue to grow to serve you.


Chocolate never tasted so good.


Stay warm + stylish,

Josh + Nik