Releasing the Kickstarter updates

We were reflecting on ways to keep our community updated with the behind-the-scenes action of wool + suede, so want to share our Kickstarter backer-exclusive updates. We are aiming to be open, accessible, and transparent in how we interact with the community, so this is one step in achieving that goal.

The second batch is almost here - February 10, 2017

Hi wool + suede family,

The gloves are en route to Edmonton from Romania and they're scheduled to arrive on Valentine's Day (February 14). We plan for a number of orders to be sent out on Wednesday afternoon with the rest of them being sent out by the end of the day on Friday.
We appreciate all the messages regarding the arrival of the next set of orders, and we will work as quickly as possible in sending them out. We've improved our systems and workflow from the first set of orders, so the turnaround time will be on point.
Prior to the gloves arriving, we will be creating and printing all the shipping labels to expedite our packing process. You will receive a notification via Canada Post, stating "Electronic information submitted by shipper," but it won't get the next update of "Item received at originating postal facility" until Wednesday afternoon when we physically drop off the packages to Canada Post. 
In the meantime, have a great Valentine's Day or Singles' Day. Keep the love flowing around all year long! 
Stay warm + stylish,

Josh + Nik

P.S. We ordered additional units with this second batch, so you can share the beauty of wool + suede with friends and family to keep them warm + stylish! Please note sizes and quantities are limited!


Second batch update + call for focus group participants - January 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re off to a wonderful 2017. We are working hard everyday within our team to continue growing to serve you better.

The second batch of gloves are almost complete and we’re anticipating an early February delivery after touching base with our glove maker. We are aiming to send out the gloves shortly after processing all the orders. You would have received an order confirmation via in preparation for us to send out your orders as soon as the gloves arrive to us. Please confirm if all the details you received in your confirmation are accurate before we ship out your gloves in early February.

We will be sending invitations to create accounts on over the next week. Our website will house our shearling gloves and our future products (read more below!). You can also stay updated with wool + suede on Facebook and Instagram.

We’re preparing wool + suede for our next project: wool dress socks! In short, our goal is to expand throughout the men's accessories space and we're going from one extremity to the other! We’re starting the design phase for creating the best assortment of designs for all your sartorial hosiery needs. Email us at with the subject line “wool + suede socks” if you’d like to participate in a focus group to help us create the next phase of wool + suede. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay warm + stylish, 

Josh + Nik


New shipping update for holiday orders - December 21, 2016

Hello wool + suede family,

We are very anxious to ship out the shearling gloves to you soon; however, we encountered major shipping delays in London, United Kingdom due to poor winter weather conditions. It took us many calls to find out the exact issue for us to share the details with you. We were expecting the gloves to arrive early last week, which then got revised to last Friday, and then this Tuesday afternoon. We are now expecting them in the next couple of days.

We understand that many of you are excited to stay warm + stylish this winter and others ordered the gloves as gifts for the holidays. We are doing our best in hustling and working with our glove makers and the shipping company to resolve the shipping delays with you in mind. We have all of the custom boxes, packing materials, and signature details ready to go. We are only left waiting for the gloves. For those in Edmonton, you can expect an update tomorrow about pick up days, times, and location. We thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Stay warm + stylish,

Josh + Nik


Holiday order shipping update - December 16, 2016

Hi backers,

Great news! Our holiday order shearling gloves were shipped out from Romania this week. We're expecting the gloves to arrive in Edmonton early next week as there were some unexpected shipping delays. We're ready to ship them out as soon as they come in.

Stay warm + stylish, 

Josh + Nik